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About Me

We are Girsy Team, we are one of the best photographers and Graphics Teamwork.

Our experience is over 9 years of photography, Graphics and making videos. Photography is our passion, and we’re always open to new concepts and ideas. If you like bright and emotional photos – we are your Team.

Every client and Occasion are special and we believe your images should reflect that. Our approach is always personal, We try to discover who you are and what you feel the most important.

We always know what you want and where you want we to be at this moment. You can just relax and enjoy your perfect day.











egp 500per Session
  • Meeting, preliminary consultation
  • Shooting, color correction
  • Own transport
  • Photobook with 10 pages
  • 200+ edited photos
egp 1000per session
  • Meeting, preliminary consultation
  • Shooting, color correction
  • Assistant
  • Own transport
  • Extra light equipment
  • Photobook with 20 pages
  • 400+ edited photos
egp 200per session
  • Meeting, preliminary consultation
  • Shooting, color correction
  • Second photographer
  • Own transport
  • Extra light equipment
  • Photobook with 20 pages
  • 550+ edited photos

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will we get the photos?

The first set of photos will be ready for two weeks. The average amount of the first set will be 50-100 photos, which you can share with friends and family. The full photoset will be ready within a month.

Do you print photo books and albums?

Sure. I can also help you print large framed photographs. Moreover, some pictures could be printed directly at the event, if you’d like to share instant photos with your guests as a gift.

How to book a date?

To book a date you need to sign a contract and make the prepayment. This can be done both via personal meeting and online. We can schedule a Skype or WhatsApp call. I’ll email you the contract. Prepayment could be sent directly to the card.

Do you work alone or with an assistant?

With assistant. He helps me with light in certain difficult situations and also works as a second photographer if necessary. For example, he can take portraits of guests while I’m taking pictures of you or take pictures from a different position.

Do you work in other countries?

Sure! I’m always ready to travel to another country to shoot your wedding. I’ve already worked in 25 countries and counting. As for the cost and conditions – it’s always individual. Moreover, with my experience, I can help you with certain organizational questions.

We don’t know how to pose for pictures, will you help us?

Sure. And I’ll help and teach you. And of course, I’ll always make sure that you like yourself on the photo. After all, this is the most important part. Don’t worry, we’ll make this process fun and entertaining.